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EQUIMapping met several fitting customers in the parking lot of the Ohio Equine Affaire a few weeks ago. This is not unusual for us, people follow us everywhere. As long as you make arrangements with the event organizer, present your necessary paperwork, we can do fittings at just about any location. We have a very high success rate helping riders with saddles that they already own and need perhaps some balancing, shimming support for bridging or a downhill build, and more. Our go to pad, the SKITO Equalizer, offers many options to change the width, flare, and rock of many saddles. Watch our calendar and call us to make an appointment! We will work to achieve better fit on any saddle! Flex panel, flex tree, treeless, those with fit systems and more. ...

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Double Diamond Saddles & Henry Miller Saddlery

Oiled leather: recently I've been seeing tack shop style saddles advertising themselves as "oiled". Most saddle makers purchase already died leather color and then spray a lacquer shiny top coat. This top coat actually seals the pores of the saddle, it looks new and shiny for a long time but, cleaning it is actually cleaning the lacquer finish, not the leather. It's also why shiny saddles and tack are stiff, and stay stiff, until the lacquer has been ridden off to the point of finally reaching the actual leather. The lacquer spray also protects the color and is fairly water repellent too. As it wear off, the problem with this is now you have some areas that are bare, and others that are covered in lacquer. When cleaned and/or conditioned, the bare areas are going to look different (darker usually) than the others. Double Diamond Saddles never uses a lacquer spray, in fact we request that are saddles be a "matte" finish. The saddle makers only use several kinds of oils such as Neatsfoot or Aussi or a combination. That way the leather is actually being fed, and cleaned, can darken the leather if need be with more coats, and aids in resisting rain but not totally waterproof. Waterproofing leather is forever and it does in fact clog the pores so keep that in mind if you are considering it. I prefer to oil, and ride with a long breathable slicker/duster that covers my tack. Regarding oiling in general, be conservative with your oiling as frequent oiling actually can weaken the leather fibers. A few times a year is plenty. Other than that a soft face brush and cloth should do the trick. ...

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