About Us

Who We Are

We build Saddles for both horses and mules that fit, and evaluate/fit saddles that do not fit well. Trotting and gaited.  Endurance, Trail, English and Western models with technical features that as fitters with many many years in many different environments, know and understand why certain parts of your saddles and equipment are important to the connected harmonious relationship between equine and rider.

We build on the Steel Saddle Tree Company trees so that you can achieve the closest fit for your equines.  Good fit, but not SO specific that within reason, we can achieve moving your saddle from certain equines to certain equines, while they change and/or age and more reasons why saddles fit now but not in four years.

 Riding out of pain translates to a focused harmonious partnership. We also know a whole lot about saddle fitting for all saddles, dynamic movement on the ridden tacked up animal. We can help you with your saddles that you own already to achieve the very best and safest pain free relationship with your equine.

In 1990, owner and life long rider and driver Shelby Friml set out to introduce the equine world to Malden Mills Polar Tek fabric, at the time not a part of equestrian sports yet, the perfect performance fabic for cold athletic endeavors during long New England winters. After developing a full line of human clothing that matched the equine blankets, quarter sheets, and driving aprons, Double Diamond Equine moved to sunny North Carolina where riding and driving goes on throughout the year.

We still build an occasional driving apron, but have changed our focus to saddle fit and custom "saddles that fit". From mules to draft to Paso Fino and everything in between, we can educate you on the truth to the very broad subject of fit, and build a saddle that can change your partnership with your equine.  That's the best part about what we do:  seeing the positive change in the partnership. Often times it's dramatically instantaneous!  Truthfully we believe we've saved many a rider from quitting, and many an equine from the sale page!

Saddle fitting has become the center fold of our business, and we offer fit services by EQUIMapping. We utilize several modalities to determine fit that includes a full evaluation of the horse conformation, hoof trim, it's way of travel, the tack, pad, and the rider.  We are well versed in many of the orthopedic and corrective saddle pads that are available and utilize several of them in our corrective fit work. We work on all sorts of different saddles, helping riders and their equines ride out of pain. We focus on education for the owner. Pain is very distracting for both the equine and the rider, and can block success, change attitudes, and cause many physical and emotional affects.

We also help our customers design and build saddles, many that have our famous no-concussion suspended ground seat and a lot of technical features gleaned from the years working in the show, distance and trail categories.  

"Ride out of Pain"...

Your equine will thank you!