Thinline Saddle Pads


I use the Trifecta under many of the Double Diamond TEK saddles in the size large. The length of the pad is perfect and extends just past the length of the bars on the saddle. I can insert another layer of felt, and wedge or flat shims in the Trifecta which can readily change the width and fill in asymmetries and hollows that are not making contact with the back of the animal.

For more serious fitting issues, or if you don't like layering, choose the Skito Equalizer pad. The same fit ability is possible using the Skito pad.

The Trifecta is a half pad, meaning it sits right under your saddle not to be seen much and is only the top half, not all the way under your leg and pad showing around the edges. It has a wonderful scoopy topline, great for clearing the withers and the boney area, unlike many pads pads that slip down creating a lot of pressure. It consists of black cotton quilted fabric, a wide open gullet to stay off the spine, and two individual sides of Thinline sewn on either side. The Thinline has an unsewn area on the bottom that so you can insert shims for fit adjustment too! The TRIFECTA is designed to be used with another thin pad under it, such as a navaho or dressage quilted pad. By itself, the Trifects is less than `1/2" thick. It has two velcro straps on the front that can easily go through the front drings on most saddles.


Small: The cotton pad measures 20" along the spine and 14.5" across the widest point of the seat. The Ultra ThinLine panels measure 19.25" long and 13.5" across the seat.

Medium: The cotton pad measures 22" along the spine and 16" across the widest point of the seat. The Ultra ThinLine panels measure 21.75" and 15" across the seat.

Large: The cotton pad measures 23" along the spine and 16.5" across the widest point of the seat. The Ultra ThinLine panels measure 22.75" long and 15.25" across the seat.

Shims and Other Options

THINLINE SHIMS: Sold in pairs $23

Create your own custom fit with ThinLine Shims! The only shim proven to increase equine comfort. Tapered edge, non compressing open cell foam. Level your Saddle * Fill the gaps * Promote comfort. ThinLine shims are made of the same ThinLine material used in the saddle pads. These shims will only fit the all cotton Trifecta Cotton Half Pads.

Thickness: Available in three thicknesses from 1/8” to ¼”. Stack up to three sets for more lift: Wither, Bridging, Cantle

Before you Purchase...

Please make the following selections to purchase:

  • Chose Shim Thickness: Ultra ThinLine (3/16") or ThinLine (1/4"), ThinLine is thickest
  • Chose Shim Type: Front (wither relief), Bridging (sway back riser), or Rear saddle Lift Inserts
  • Chose Size of your pad: Small, Medium or Large, for example, if your trifecta pad is a medium, select medium sized shims.

FELT SHIMS: sold in pairs right and left $12 per pair. Felt shims can be trimmed. They are 1/8 and 1/4" thick. They are cut exactly the same shape as the Thinline shims and can also be layered. use the same ordering specifics as instructed above for Thinline shims for example small, medium or large size pad, and thickness.

Price: The base price is $149. Call us for more specific information on your particular Thinline pad at (336) 267-0276.