The "Bella" English Endurance TEK

The Bella is a lower pommel english endurance saddle for those transitioning from a traditional flat english saddle, to one with a bit more security. The Bella has a 1" lower pommel up front, and a 3.5" tall roll over style cantle .  You can also upgrade to a pencil roll (shown in photo) or cheyenne roll cantle.   Articulated soft padded knee and thigh blocks for gentle positioning are carefully crafted into a full english lined on the backside flap. Built on a Steele tree, riding english on a tree with western bars translates to a lot of contact surface against the horse lowering your psi significantly as opposed to a flocked underside. You choose the flat suspended seat as seen in the photo, or the deep suspended Trail Seat (as seen in the Endurance TEK photos). Shown in suede, it is also available in smooth leather. 

Leathers:  Standard are 1 1/4" Biothane adjustable position continuous buckle at the bottom with a leather cuff over the buckle (no buckle under your thigh).  Biothane is very flat and close feeling.  1" leathers are available upon request.  1" leather billets are available as an upgrade.

Rigging:  english 2 billet (1" wide billets) adjustable center fire rigging out of biothane for a flat close contact feel.  1 1/2" billets are available as an upgrade along with the optional upgrade girth that has larger buckles.  Leather billets available as an upgrade.  This model does not have a rear D housing for western rigging however a person could switch to western latigo billets using the two rings under the flap.

Stirrups:  standard nylon endurance stirrups on 1 1/4" biothane leathers.  1" leathers do not come with stirrups as there are so many to choose from and stirrups are a personal thing for most english riders. We prefer the Reflex with a toe cage for safety reasons.  

Hardware: If you are a trail rider, additional hardware can be added such as rings up front and back.

Weight: This saddle weighs approximately 18 lbs. 

  Fenders:  Optional slide on narrow fenders are available for those with inner thighs    that   get pinched.

Trees:  our choice of Steele Saddle Trees is included in the price plus follow up fitting consultation on the dynamic ridden horse and  your pad.

Base price $​1989.00 with endurance stirrups and 1 1/4" biothane leathers.  If you order 1" leathers stirrups are not included and the price is $1950.00

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