Double Diamond TEK 2 Endurance

Base price $1789.00 (does not include tooling or JWatt hardware but can be ordered)

This is our workhorse Endurance TEK 2 model that comes with fenders.  The base model comes with your choice of fenders, rigging, uncovered plain endurance or western stirrups, your choice of two seat styles:  (deep trail or flatter seat which has a lower pommel and cantle) suede or smooth leather, stainless hardware, the standard pommel and a 4" cantle in the roll over style.   The roll over cantle style offers the most padding all the way to the top and includes a line of stainless brads on the back of the cantle. Shown in the photo is an upgrade cheyenne roll cantle, edge tooling, JW hardware.    The cheyenne roll offers a lip to grab on when going downhill, and offers the largest "feel" to the seat.  Our famous suspended ground seat comes in two styles:  the Trail Seat (shown) or the Flat Seat.  The flat seat will make a seat feel larger and both the pommel and cantle are a bit lower.   All fenders are built with biothane on the back for a supple flat close contact no break in feel, the Endurance fender offering the most "kind to your body" style it's basically a leather sleeve over the biothane with a standard buckle, the western and narrow trail are also biothane backed but come with a blevins buckle length adjustment. Weighs approx. 17 lbs.  

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Expect saddles to require 8-10 weeks for completion.

The base price of the TEK 2 Endurance model is $1789.00

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