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Your Heading Here

SUMMER/FALL:  Monday through Thursday 9-4.  

Trailer in for a fitting, or to see our saddles and beautiful collection of Mad Tack biothane bridles and matching pieces......please call to secure an appointment.  We may be off location doing a fitting!!

 We've moved!!  Not far, but we are now in Vass, NCarolina, just a few miles north of Southern Pines and the Moss Foundation for wonderful riding.  Give us a call and come see the showroom full of beautiful saddle models and a huge selection of Mad Tack biothane tack!!

What's new for Double Diamond this summer 2018?

We've added a line of Amish built custom true working Ranch saddles by one of the saddlers who builds our Double Diamond Saddles, Crooked Creek Saddlery. Now these beauties can be both pleasure and true rugged working saddles, available in a host of different styles all to your specs.  Built in tough Herman Oak leather, available in "sanded" or smooth leather all or parts, full balanced position all leather pre twisted fenders, hard or inlaid seats, and lots more.  Each saddle is built on a Baties tree that is fitted to your animals.  Base prices start at $1989.00.                               

HORNLESS WESTERN?  yes, you can build the Old Timer without a horn!  Check the Gallery for photos.  It' a wonderful option for those wanting a western but without a horn.

TRAIL SEAT and FLAT SEAT:  Yes, we now offer the Endurance and Old Timer western models with two options for the seat:  the original deep seat, and the flatter seat. Not totally flat, but flat-er for those riding styles that require you be posting a lot of the time, or those bodies that need that flat space in front, we listened.​  No change in price.

THE BELLA:  our newest english hybrid endurance model with a slightly lower pommel and a scoopy wider cantle.  It comes standard with lovely soft supportive knee and thigh blocks, a full lined english panel, biothane leathers 1" or wider 2 1/4".  This saddle comes standard with the wider leathers and nylon endurance stirrups.  If you order the 1" leathers, stirrups are your choice.  We love the Compositti Flex stirrups with a cage over the toe for safety.

The Double Diamond Generation II saddles feature a FINISHED UNDERSIDE of 1/2 of wool felt, but not over the entire underside but only under the bars so the gullet will remain open from front to back for complete spinal clearance. You 'll still be able to change your fender position to three choices, a feature that our riders really enjoy for their own personal comfort to get their posture balanced.

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