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About Double Diamond

We design and build original technical short light close contact pared down suspended seat Endurance and western trail saddles, plus a division of true working Ranch saddles. All built in the U.S.A, hand cut, hand built from the custom tree up.  

All of the Double Diamond Saddles are offered on dozens of trees that fit the animals, not sold by gullet width or a wither tracing.  We specialize is categories that other saddle makers avoid:  draft, mule and donkey, gaited and trotting, large to to the smallest of riding breeds.

We also are EQUIMapping: a service for evaluating and correcting fit on saddles riders already own.We have huge success fitting the hard to fit bodies and are well versed in shimming to fit for various issues such as the downhill animal, the exposed spine, the roach back, the sway back, body fat areas, the rehabbing animal, rigging alterations and more.

Our goal is to create pain free focused non resistant harmony between the rider and their equine by eliminating the affects of pain, and through careful examination of both the static and dynamic movement, balance the rider which ultimately gives confidence to the animal.
In 1990, owner and life long rider and carriage driver Shelby Friml set out to introduce the equine world to Malden Mills Polar Tek fabric, at the time not a part of equestrian sports yet, the perfect performance fabic for cold athletic endeavors during long New England winters. After developing a full line of human clothing that matched the equine blankets, quarter 
sheets, and driving aprons, in 2005 Double Diamond Equine moved to sunny North Carolina where riding and driving goes on throughout the year. Double Diamond still builds an occasional driving apron and rump rug, but has changed the focus to saddle fit and designing and fitting  "saddles that fit".

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