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SKITO Saddle Pads

The SKITO EQUALIZER pad "you will notice, and your equine will thank you"!
Skito Equalizer & DryBack Pads, made by SKITO, are a must have. Most riders only consider a few things regarding pads: do they hold the sweat or throw it off, can I wash it, and how thick is it. SKITO pads are technical and not only can you choose the thickness, you can choose the firmness and, help to balance and fit your saddle with corrective shims. In addition, the concussion factor is often overlooked. Equines are subject to a lot of concussion to their spines and supporting muscles and soft tissues both from the saddle, and the rider moving up top. Technical foams that are the "insert" part of the SKITO pad have a job: to disperse and break the concussion. You will notice a difference both as a rider, and the horse will travel far more comfortably with less sore backs and behavioral problems associated with pain. Skito pads can be made to fit any saddle shape there is or build a standard english or western shape. Well known for many years in the long distance ride category, SKITO is a great pad with wool against the skin, washable, and shimmable. Available in just about any saddle shape built. The basic SKITO pad is $249.00. Fill out the order form below and we'll be in contact with you to discuss colors, firmness and thickness of foam, shims needed, your sport etc.
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DURABLE? FIT-ABLE? The Skito pads are very durable, and will last for years. They can be cleaned too, a must for the health of the back of the animal. Simply open the velcro top or front, pull the foam and shims out, and machine wash line dry. The foam can be cleaned by rinsing in a tub of water with a little white vinegar, rinse thoroughly, and lay flat to dry do not wring. The Skito pad is a great pad no matter if you need shims for better fit, or without, it can be interchanged from horse to horse. By changing out the insides, you can gain, or loose width , and fine tune with shims, for a better fit!
STYLES: the EQUALIZER is a full saddle pad (your choice of colors, Dryback, foams, and bottom fabric). The best choice over all because you are not layering, and for distance riders and trail riders one pad is always best. There are also several spandex covered half pads for layering on top of your current pad to correct simple problems such as bridging or a low front saddle.
THE POCKET: Where do the shims go, where is that pocket? The outer cover has 2 full length pockets with velcro openings along the topline of the pad so that you can remove the specialized foam inserts and launder the cover or to add shims. Pads can also be built with a velcro opening on the front of the pad. The shape of the pad allows for plenty of wither clearance and reduces the chance of any pressure along the spine. The foam is only on the top half of the pad, the bottom is the fabric and bottom fabric for a very close contact feel.SHIMS: If needed, foam shims are available in 1/2", 3/4" and 1" thickness and different firmness as well. (Standard is 3/4".) Shims are ordered depending on need, they are specific, not generic, both in shape, depth, and firmness. They are also shaped for your pad pocket shape. They do not move around inside the pocket, and sit against the horse under the large foam insert. Shims can be added to the pockets to compensate for low spots, lift, asymmetry, or a bridging problem. Shims are made of the same foam, and are all tapered/beveled on all edges to provide a smooth transition from the thickest to the thinnest part, avoiding pressure points by adding thickness where not needed. (PLEASE NOTE: While shims can be used to correct mild fit problems, nothing can correct a really poor fitting saddle. If that is the case, only a properly fitted saddle will solve your--and your horse's problem.)

FIT CORRECTION.....HOW DO I KNOW IF I NEED SHIMS OR FIT CORRECTION? Consult our company EQUI Mapping, we can get a lot accomplished over the phone as professional fitters. Or call to make an appointment 336-267-0276. There is much to know about fit past sweat marks. There are many aspects of fit correction from balance to fit against the tree, and each one requires it's own specific treatment and combination of pad content. You might be amazed to feel what riding relaxed and upright without bracing against the saddle feels like, and your animal will appreciate it too because now they don't have to travel trying to hold you up!

Standard pads start at $245 . Price does not include any shims

FIT ABILITY PADS: are complete with six shims flat and a 2 pair of wedge shims $300


Standard pads range from $265 - $295, depending on type of saddle style.
Top of pad: Hemp/Cotton, Cotton Poly Duck, Cotton Duck, Nylon Cordura and Upholstery Fabric. Tapestry Fabrics are an additional $20.

Bottom of pad: Wool/Poly Fleece (standard), 100% Wool Fleece, 100% Wool Felt, and White or Black Quilt.

Price: The base price is $245 plus shipping and 3/4 thickness foam. Call us for more specific information on your particular SKITO pad at (336) 267-0276.

RETURNS: They are returnable however they must be unused and your refund will be a deduction of a restocking fee. Refunds do not include shipping.

SHIPPING and DROP SHIP: Shipping and handling/drop fee is $35 in the Continental US.

Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery
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