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Want to earn some extra cash?

Double Diamond is looking for interested
Riders who love our saddles and would like to help makes sales for the saddles you already love!

The affiliate program is for those who are movers and shakers in your category: mules and donkeys, drafts, gaited animals, distance or trail riders, western dressage, Ride n Tie riders, working ranch riders, and more. Those who have huge followings, are social media users, those out and about riders who not only ride and know our saddles, but believe in them.

Affiliates need to do just these few things:

1)  Own at least one model of the Double Diamond saddles
2) Have a supply of brochures (will provide you with the pdf so you can add your own contact information and have printed)
3) Come study with us in North Carolina so you know our models and their attributes
4) Fill out the Affiliate Form (click here)

You will receive 3% of every referral that results in a sale from our website!! It’s that easy!!

Then, there is another level beyond an affiliate program, and that is called the “Field Rep”. What that consists of is:

1) Own at least one current model of our saddles
2) Come to N. Carolina for a fitting education and tips for fitting using the Steele trees
3) Purchase your own set of Steele Fit Tree FTBS molds to use when fitting your customers animals
4) You will earn 5% of all referrals that result in a sale!
5) Stay connected and current with our company for new models, changes, live appearances, etc.
6) Fill out our Field Rep form

Call us for more information. Start by filling out the form and we will get in touch with you!

Affiliate Application
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