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Four new western models and the historic Buena Vista and more...!


In the Western category we've added two new models with four optional styles and prices:  the D-D Wade (a true low slung wood post A Fork swell saddle) and the Woodard (named for it's swell that leans slightly forward and out of the way with "wings" right and left, an all around lean forward small horn), both of which can be built as a rough and tough true working Ranch with reinforced tree, horn, and leather construction plus a ton of options such as pre twisted fenders, hard inlay seats, square single or double skirting and more with a base price of $2489.00 weighing in at around 27 lbs and available on dozens of our Steel Saddle Tree offerings.  And, those same two models can also be built in what is called the Trail Lite:  a pared down lighter single skirt ready-to-ride no frills reasonably priced at $1789.00 model of the same with our famous suspended ground seat, biothane backed no torque fenders, open channel front to back, and all the trail hardware a person could need.  The Trail Lite models weigh about 22 lbs fully loaded.

No horn? Of course...many of our riders still want their western saddles but have decided to built sans horn. Makes a great distance saddle too!

We listened to our riders and have added two rise height options for the Endurance suspended seats,  and two pommel height options:  the narrow twist deep suspended trail seat, and the new flatter suspended seat.  Some riders hip and pelvis builds require more support than the narrow twist offers, so we've added a not so deep flatter seat that still maintains the incredible suspended comfort, but has a slightly wider twist between the legs.  A person can design any of the Endurance Models with either a higher pommel and cantle (for the deep seat or flatter seat) or a lower profile pommel and cantle (only offered with the flatter seat).  All of the Endurance models can be built on dozens of the Steele Saddle Tree fits, mules donkey gaited and trotting, drafts to Paso Finos and everything in between!

Our next announcement is we have finally finished the historic and ever comfortable suspended seat Buena Vista.  This is a wonderful and history riding saddle, but this time we are offering it on all of the Steele Saddle Tree fits from draft to Paso Fino, Donkey and mules.  As seen in the photo as the "Sport" model, it can also be built western with fenders and horn or no horn, or with a traditional english flap.  If you click on the photo under "saddles" you can read more about it. It's an all day comfort saddle.




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