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Buena Vista

THIS MODEL IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE. KEEP WATCHING AS IT WILL BECOME AVAILABLE SOON. The Buena Vista saddle is the model with the largest suspended seat area. Historic in it’s design, it is intended for long hours of comfortable unencumbered riding. A lower profile saddle, the wide sweeping cantle is incredibly comfortable! Although it appears to be a wide twist (between your legs) it actually is not, the cantle makes it look wide. Shown in the photo is the Buena Vista Sport, which is a medium length English flap with biothane leathers coming through a traditional slit in the leather. On the underside of the saddle is ½” of wool felt just on the bars of the tree, a completely open gullet and channel front to back, and three positions your leathers can go into for rider comfort. The other ways a Buena Vista can be built is a traditional longer English flap, or western with a small lean forward trail horn and biothane backed loose out of the box no break in fenders. Standard features include are a 4” roll ’ cantle, smooth or suede seat, English 2 billet center fire rigging or western center fire adjustable rigging, and lots of stainless steel trail hardware for carrying your gear and adjustable 3 position leathers or fenders. The Buena Vista weighs 17 lbs and is all leather with a completely open gullet and channel from front to back, and is available on all of the Steele Saddle Tree fits from drafts to Paso Finos, gaited, mules and donkeys. Available in seat sizes 14-18. $2089.00



The Buena Vista saddle can be upgraded to include a pencil roll or Cheyenne roll cantle, matching bucking rolls, as well as decorative additions such as tooling, JWatt hardware, leather strings, soft seast leather tubes for over your leathers, leather covered stirrups and more. Matching tack is available too.

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