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Endurance TEK II

The Endurance TEK II is our original model built with the trail rider in mind who wants the security of a western saddle minus the horn. If you notice all the DD endurance models start with the top of the saddle being either a deep trail seat or the flatter seat. Then, from the seat down, the models change but you can sit on one model and assume the other model is going to sit just like that one, for example. So the The TEK II is the base Endurance but with fenders. It can be built with a deep trail narrow twist suspended seat, or the flatter lower profile suspended seat. It can also be built with two pommel heights: shown the lower version and there is a taller version as well. There are several choices for fenders: the narrow trail, endurance, knee roll fender, and traditional western, all of which are leather with biothane behind them, and 3 positions for your leg, supple and no torque right out of the box. Standard features are a roll over 4’ cantle, smooth or suede seat, English 2 billet center fire rigging or western center fire adjustable rigging, and lots of stainless steel trail hardware for carrying your gear. The TEK II Endurance weighs 17 lbs and is all leather with a completely open gullet and channel from front to back, and is available on all of the Steele Saddle Tree fits from drafts to Paso Finos, gaited, mules and donkeys. Available in seat sizes 14-18. Base price $1989.00


Options Overview

The Endurance TEK II can be upgraded to include a pencil roll or Cheyenne roll cantle, matching bucking rolls, as well as decorative additions such as tooling, JWatt hardware, leather strings, leather covered stirrups and more. Matching tack is available too.

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