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Woodard Trail Saddle

This is one of our new models for 2020: the Woodard Trail. Available on dozens of Steel Saddle Tree fits from mules/donkeys, drafts, gaited, and all the others. This model is light at 21 lbs, pared down, very close contact, and features a slightly lean forward Woodard swell up front, and an "all around" or pelican smaller horn, and our famous suspended ground seat or padded seat for a no concussion ride. This is a great saddle for every day training, trail competitions, and hours of trails. Standard features of the Woodard TrailLite are a cheyenne roll cantle binding, your choice of a slight rise in front suspended ground seat or a traditional padded seat. All leather built with a single skirt, open rear skirting for complete spinal clearance from the front to the rear (especially great for mules and donkeys, and any horses who spend a lot of time riding in the mountains as the spine is completely free of rubbing or touching). Stainless working hardware with all the rings needed for trail, western fenders with biothane backing so they require zero break in, are free swinging and offer three positions for your leg (as well as length of course). Stirrup choices are trail endurance, angled aluminum or bell western. Rigged in plate double C along with a rear D, this rigging has adjust-ability with the two rings and, can be set up as three point center fire by using the rear D, or you can build it with adjustable center fire blevins western rigging which leaves the rear D open for a rear cinch. It includes nylon latigo on the rigging. A total of four leather strings, smooth or suede leather seat. The photos shows upgrades: edge tooling, cheyenne roll, conchos and a rear cinch, leather latigo and training rings on the swell. The Woodard TrailLite can be built in smooth leather, or upgrade to complete rough out, add bucking rolls, edge tooling, JWatt hardware, and more. Available in seat sizes up to 18. Click on the Order Form with the basics of how you want to build your Woodard TrailLite saddle., and we will be back in touch very soon! NOTE: Live away from North Carolina? We do not need to be face to face to build a saddle that fits. We have several very reliable methods to learn about the shape statically and dynamically of your animals!


Western Trail options

The Woodard Trail,  D-D Wade Trail, and the Old Timer Trail saddle offers many upgrade options including but not limited to:

  • a hard seat or with inlay padded bicycle seat
  • rough out partial or the  entire saddle
  • reinforced tree
  • edge tooling
  • JWatt decorative stainless hardware
  • hand sewn pencil roll cantle

NOTE:  the Woodard Trail can be built as a true working Ranch saddle.  Visit our Ranch saddle pages for more information.  Call us 336-267-0276 EST


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