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Double Diamond Endurance Old Timer TEK Ranch

The Old Timer TEK Ranch came about as a design suggestion for those riders who want the pleasure and trail saddle but the look of a working saddle look minus the bling and a monochromatic rugged color scheme. By looking in the Gallery, you'll see there are more plain versions with little to no Jerimiah Wyatt hardware including conchos, rather leather and leather and no tooling for a true working saddle look. A lower slung style is completed with the lower 4” cantle style and a squatty leather wrapped post horn. The standard cantle style is the roll over or you can upgrade to a pencil role (shown in photo) or cheyenne roll. Click on options below. Standard stirrups include a western bell or an angled aluminum. YOu can upgrade to a leather covered western or Endurance Trail, and a true Monel in stainless, copper or brass.

The Old Timer weighs approximately 23 lbs.

The Old Timer models can now be upgraded to a true working ranch saddle. Includes a reinforced Steele tree and horn, and all leather fenders that can be either pre-twisted or with a Hamley twist.

Base price $1989.00

Double Diamond Endurance Old Timer TEK Ranch


All of our fenders require no break in because instead of layers of stiff leather we back our leather fenders with biothane. Stronger than leather they will not stretch and are very flat increasing that close contact feel and are very kind to the lower back and hips and knees. Styles include the Traditional Stylized Old Timer Western, Narrow Trail (straight in shape and about seven inches wide), and the Endurance style ( a curvy leather sleeve over pretwisted biothane, stirrups hang out the bottom on biothane). You will not need to wet the fenders and let them sit with a broom to build a bend in all the leather because there isn’t all that leather. Traditional blevin buckle length adjustment on all fenders with the exception of the Endurance fender which has a buckle and is able to be adjusted when mounted.

Added fender position adjustment feature: for rider comfort, we have an easy to change feature allows you to move your fenders, should you prefer, to one of three stationary positions depending on your riding style and how you are built. You do not have to position them, you can also leave them free swinging. Gaited riders typically leave them alone, whereas active posting riders use the position adjustment to insure their riding in a balanced feet under you position. The best way to try it out is to do just that: ride and try it out in all the positions, and then free swinging. All you need is a flat head screw driver​.


We offer either no horn, the leather wrapped post horn, or a short easy to hold trail horn. Note the post horn has a wide cap and will not accommodate most horn bags but they sure do look great!


Cantle Style

The Old Timer is historic style built with what is referred to as a “shovel” cantle. It comes standard with a roll over cantle (foam to the top). A hand stitched pencil roll is available as an upgrade. Cheyenne roll is not available on the shovel cantle shape.

Cantle Height

Available in 4” cantle, Standard is the roll over style, or upgrade to the Pencil Roll style.


Standard on the Old Timer TEK is stainless steel Jerimiah Wyatt Horseshoe Brand hardware with a tarnished black background. Conchos, rings at each concho, breast collar and large rear D and rigging hardware. If you choose the Old Timer Ranch, we credit you for the lack of hardware.

Trail Hardware Additions

Some folks want footmans loops, a crupper ring, mule britchen rings, and/or extra rings for trail gear. For a small upcharge we can add additional hardware.

Seat Choices

We offer black and dark brown, and a lighter brown. You can choose either a smooth leather or suede for more grip.

Suspended Trail Seat: a deeper seat, the narrowest twist, with a soft rise in front and pocket to sit in

Suspended Flat Seat: the rise is a full 1" lower where it connects to the pommel or swell. The Flat seat also gives a slightly wider sitting area for those riders needing a bit more width. The Flat seat with a Cheyenne roll cantle offers the ultimate "more" sit area feel.

If you want a lot more grip, build your Old Timer with rough out leather on the jocky (rough skirting piece right under your thigh). Please note you cannot tool rough out.

Henry Miller Seat Upgrade: The Stitched Seat

Saddle Color

From left to right: Black, Brown, Dark Chestnut, Light Chestnut, Golden, Walnut, Dark Oil Brown


Leather covered western bell is standard with a 3 ½” platform for comfort for the rider. We also offer an “overshoe” size for those riding in a winter boot or have an extra wide foot. Also available are leather covered or side laced endurance stirrups that match the saddle. Both endurance and western stirrups can be built hooded for safety on the trail, keeping your foot from sliding through and/or to keep brush from sliding through your stirrup.

We also offer the Western Safety Stirrup, developed with your safety in mind it will come apart at the side like an English peacock iron so should you become dismounted you will be able to easily get out of the stirrup. It includes a leather side piece that matches your saddle in color and tooling.



We understand that rigging is a part of saddle fit. Most treed saddles use fixed position rigging. Having adjustable rigging allows you to customize the fit to each animal and aids in keeping your saddle in the correct position. We offer Center Fire adjustable Blevin buckle style (strap to the front and rear, meets in the middle at a flat ring. The rear strap is adjustable so you can move it’s position), three point center fire (long latigo starts at the rear D ring, through the girth, up to the center fire ring, and so on ending at the rear D), and English two billet (a billet to the front and rear under the jocky, slides through a flat rectangle leather guide and adjusts right at your girth). If adjustable rigging is not something you desire, you can choose stationary center fire, still a better choice than the very forward one ring version that often leads to saddles moving and shifting.
X WIDE English 1 1/2" Billets with Guide
X WIDE Buckle with Neoprene Girth
All stainless, elastic on both ends, choose your size. Most DD saddles use 26, 28, 30"
Henry Miller Center Fire Two Buckle
Adjustable Rigging (Henry Miller Saddles Only)


Any and all of the Steele Saddle Tree Company tree fits for horses and mules from Paso Fino’s to drafts to Mammoth Donkeys to Welch Cobs and all the gaited breeds, Arabs and everything in between. We don’t build saddles by the breed, we build saddles by the fit! We won’t build your gaited saddle necessarily on a “gaited tree”. Nor will be necessarily build a mule saddle on a “mule tree”. We build saddles on trees that fit.

Seat Size

Available in seat sizes 15, 16, 17. Also available in sizes 18, and 19 at a slight upcharge. Note that due to the deep seat on the Old Timer often riders choose the next seat size up unless you like no “play” in the seat then choose your regular size.

Skirt Style

DD Saddles: To keep our saddles light, short, and close contact we build them with a single skirt layer and then the rear rigging layer, as well as standard without a sweat flap (the extra piece of leather between the rigging and the animal. It is available as an upcharge however). The leather on the Old Timer just barely exceeds the length of the tree to keep it short and off the animal.

Henry Miller Saddles: Double layer skirting


Additionally, we offer the following upgrades:
Sweat Flap
Two-tone colors on the saddle
Double Diamond Matching Tack
Matching Bucking Rolls

Return Policy

Unless the saddle maker or myself are in error, your signed returned email “accepted as written” is your commitment to your saddle and there is no return policy. We strive to insure that your saddle is built on a tree that will fit your animal and your designs are specific to your style choice.
​We are happy to assist you in selling your saddle by posting it on our website under ‘saddles in stock for sale” should your animal unfortunately pass over the rainbow, is injured, or other unforeseen circumstances. As your animal changes we are happy to assist you in learning the art of “reading your fit” whether it be for a changing growing animal or a new or different animal. We choose trees with changes in mind and they are very generous to allow for thicker and/or shimmed saddle pads should that be necessary. Keep in mind however that a larger wider animal may not fit into a saddle built for a narrow smaller animal. Our together time leading up to your final order includes much needed information so as to choose a tree based on the measurements static and movement statically. We have a very high rate of success helping our customers.
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