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Henry Miller Saddles

The Henry Miller Double Creek saddles are hand built one at a time from the tree up, in Kentucky. Renown for their workmanship, each model (with the exception of the Trail Saddle) is built on the suspended seat. Several can be built on a Flex tree as well. All models can be built with fenders or as an english. Standard features include stainless or brass fittings, four colors, smooth or suede seat, leather covered endurance stirrups, center fire rigging english or western, and edge tooling. Available options are numerous including floral, basket weave, and barb wire tooling, a stitched seat, accents such as diamonds, studs, crystals etc. Matching tack is also available. Please call for more information. 336-267-0276 eastern standard time Monday through Thursday 9-4 and trailer in by appointment.

Please visit our Gallery page (at the top) for more photos of saddles previously designed by customers.
There are four models to choose from:
Buena Vista Plantation: Built for long hours on the plantation, the Buena Vista is a historic model with the largest most comfortable wide backed suspended seat. Available in two tree options (comparable to a semi or full quarter horse), this model comes with your choice of fenders or English, edge tooling, brass or stainless hardware, smooth or suede seat, endurance or western stirrups, horn or no horn, western or english center fire rigging.
The Western Trail: This is a compact low profile traditional western saddle built on a Raliad tree. It is the only model that is not built with the suspended seat. However it can be built on a semi or full quarter, or a flex tree as well! It's a beautiful saddle dressed up for show too, as well as a great trail model. It can be built without a horn too! This model can be built with english panels (often referred to as "the Kentuckian"), or as a traditional western with fenders. It can be built with, or without a horn.
The Endurance: A wonderfully comfortable deep seat narrow twist suspended seat with a safe and secure half moon shape pommel. This is the only model that cannot be built with a horn. It can be built either english, or western with fenders. The deep seat models should be ordered one size larger than what you would traditionally ride in due to the pocket seat design. Don't be fooled by the rise in the seat, that rise is not like a hard dressage or tin ground seat, it's soft suspended under construction allows riders to mold that shape to your own shape within a few rides. You will not "crash" into that rise.
The Old Timer: this is a model that combines several unusual combinations: an AFork pommel (half moon shape western pommel instead of the traditional western pommel with a right and left wing) and a "shovel" shape 5" cantle, along with the same narrow twist suspended seat this is the ultimate in both comfort and style. This model can also be built as an english or western with fenders, with or without a horn. A very secure saddle. You will not crash into that rise in front, and it sits just like the Endurance model. Order this model one size up from your usual seat size.

Why Choose Henry Miller Saddles?

What is the suspended seat? Most saddle makers build what is referred to as a "tin or glued layered leather ground seat". On top of that is foam, and finally the seat leather. In some cases, a hard seat has no foam padding. Either way, the foam very quickly "bottoms out" and you feel your seat bones. Good saddle makers build their hard seats ergonomically correct in which case a lot of padding is not necessary. The Millers' build theirs in a different way: instead of a hard ground seat they criss cross upholstery webbing from the cantle to the pommel, creating a sort of "hammock" to which then foam and the glove leather is added. This style of seat does not bounce as many might think, and, is hung just slightly over the tree bars. You sit very close to the horse, not up high as many may think. Ultimately comfortable, their seats get better with time, and there is no "finding your seat to avoid your seat bones", you simply relax into a firm but not hard seat that molds to your body shape. Even with the deep seated Old Timer or Endurance that have a sharp rise to the cantle, that rise is not hard! Within a few minutes of riding the suspended seat molds to your shape.

Upgrades are very reasonable in price, and add a personal touch to make your saddle your own style and look:
Stitched Seat
Square Seat
Flank Rigging (Except the 102 Model)
3-Point Center-Fire Rigging (From Rear D)
Basket Weave Tooling
Floral Tooling
Barbwire Border Tooling
Diamonds or Studs
Leather or real shearling Bottom
Horseshoe Stainless decorative hardware
Buck Stitching
Overlay Leather which includes Basket Weave Tooling in Addition
Stirrup Turners
Bucking Roll
Extra Wide Stirrups
Matching tack is available as well as beautifully matched saddle bags and other accessories. Call us for more information, we love talking saddles. 336-267-0276 in North Carolina, ask for Shelby.
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