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Saddles in Stock for Sale

Call for more information 336-267-0276 eastern standard time as this is an ever evolving changing list.
Double Diamond endurance  TEK II 2018 suspended seat saddle DRAFT TREE, only ridden in a handful of times. Seat size 15, suspended no concussion seat, narrow trail fenders, english center fire adjustable rigging, endurance stirrups. Dark chocolate brown leather. Message Ducka Kelly on FB to message her for more details. $1650.00 Saddle lives in NCarolina.
PHOTO BELOW: TEK I Endurance Trail saddle, DRAFT TREE HA +1/2 by Steele Tree, black color, seat size 17,  brand new never ridden in.  Includes a narrow twist suede leather suspended deep trail seat,  3 point western rigging, leather latigo,  3" hand built cheyenne roll cantle binding that you can grab on to going downhill, lots of rings for all your gear, leather covered endurance stirrups,  3 different fender/stirrup positions that is for the riders' balance. A very comfortable saddle for those long rides. Rides balanced and secure as you can get your feet right under you with adjustment.  This is a 15 pound short light close contact saddle with a clear channel front to back to protect the spine from concussion.  Here's is your opportunity to own a Double Diamond saddle without the wait. REDUCED to $1650.00 (regularly $1789.00) and the buyer pays shipping. This is a final sale. Call for more information.  We can help determine if this tree fits your animal.  
Photo below: Double Diamond Endurance TEK I seat size 17 built on a wide quarter horse tree with a front flare by Steele Saddle Trees . It is a deep mahogany brown color.   Built with the deep narrow twist trail seat and high pommel for ultimate security, 4" roll over cantle and our famous no concussion suspended seat. It has English center fire adjustable rigging, biothane adjustable position leathers and trail endurance stirrups.  The TEK I saddle weighs 15 lbs. in a seat size 17.  This model can also have fenders added to it as an upgrade.  Normally $1789.00, reduced to $1650.00 plus shipping flat rate $65.00. This is a final sale. We can help to determine if this tree will fit your animal, contact us today!  
Pictured in light natural Herman Oak leather, this hand built Wade saddle was built for the Equine Affaire in Ohio, and is now for sale. It is built on a standard slightly wider quarter horse tree, light natural 15 ounce leather, sanded rough out pre twisted all leather fenders and aluminum stirrups (the monel stirrups are not on this saddle). Beautifully tooled with a combination of floral and running W. It includes a rear cinch set, wrapped horn, a sanded roughout hard seat and a deep dish 5" cantle that feels great when seated. There are a few slight seat imperfections which is reflected in the price. Including the cinch and stirrups this saddle weighs 28 lbs. Real shearling underside, in plate rigging. This is a floor model that has been on a horse twice for a quick spin and sat in the shop. Normally this saddle is $2989.00 with all the extras, REDUCED TO $2489.00 plus shipping. Here's your chance to own a custom saddle without the wait. This is a lifetime saddle.
2020 NEW Old Timer seat size 16 built on a full quarter with a flare, narrow twist suspended seat, full JWatt stainless decorative hardware, strings, edge tooling, wrapped post horn, leather strings, adjustable fender position, open channel from the gullet to the rear with high spinal clearance, western center fire adjustable blevins rigging, and upgrade bucking rolls. This saddle weighs 22 lbs. In stock and ready to ship for $65.00. Price $2389.00
The Double Diamond Plantation model, a saddle style that has a full english flap and the leathers coming out from under the seat jocky. Shown in the photo, this version happens to be built with the lower pommel and flatter suspended seat. If you built this model from scratch you can choose a higher pommel and deep trail seat. However this one is in stock and for sale at a great price! It includes: built on Steele's full quarter with a flair tree, Biothane english leathers that also offer three positions as well as length change ability, leather covered trail endurance stirrups, center fire 2 billet english rigging. The skirt features an open back from complete spinal clearance. This is an all leather saddle, perfect for the rider used to english but wanting more security in the seat but not a horn. This is a brand new saddle, built on a full quarter tree with a flare, seat size 16. It weighs 17 lbs. This saddle is in stock and for sale. Normally $2089.00 it is on sale for $1889.00 . Contact us so we can determine if this tree will fit your animal. 336-267-0276 EST.
This is our ever famous Double Diamond Bella hybrid Endurance saddle. Hybrid meaning it has all the features an english would but with a 4" cantle and a pommel, perfect for those transitioning from a regular English but wanting more security. The Bella can be built with a deep trail seat and a higher pommel, but this one in stock is built with a flatter suspended seat and lower pommel, perfect for posting the trot for long periods of time. Easy to get under branches or jump the log! Seat size 16, built on Steele's generous full quarter tree with a flare. Perfect leather covered trail endurance stirrups, biothane leathers with 3 positions plus length changeablilty of course, soft front knee rolls, and english center fire rigging that is hidden under the flap. There is complete clearance for the spine from the gullet to the back end. This saddle weighs approximately 17 lbs and is all leather in gorgeous chestnut leather. Normally this saddle is $2089.00 but it's reduced to $1889.00. Call us today so we can help determine if this tree is suitable for you animal.
Double Diamond TEK I seat size 15, built on a semi quarter tree. This saddle weighs 14 pounds, is built with two tone leather, a deep suspended trail seat for hours of no concussion riding. This is a proto type ridden in a half dozen times or less. All leather, center fire adjustable english rigging, biothane leathers and trail endurance stirrups. Normally this saddle is $1789.00, REDUCED price $1589.00. Call us so we can help determine if this is a reasonable fit for your animal.
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