WE​​​​​​ ARE CLOSED 4/6-4/16/19

In our ENDURANCE category we have been very successful with our new Lumiere, basically it's the TEK I (no fenders) model with a padded seat jocky (the part under the thigh) and soft seat leather tubes over the leathers. It makes for an incredible connected feel from your seat to your feet.

we've also added the option of two seat rises: the deep trail suspended seat that comes with the higher pommel for real security, and a lower flatter, but not totally flat, seat. Both suspended.

WESTERN TRAIL: we have added a few new models based on customer requests: the D-D Wade, a low slung AFork, The Woodard Trail that has a slightly forward slope to it's swell and a nice pelican horn, and our favorite Old Timer, a historical build unlike either of the other. All of them can be build with an incredible suspended or padded seat, biothane backed 3 position fenders with many choices of style, short, light, single skirt this saddle weighs about 22 lbs.

WESTERN RANCH: the D-D Wade and Woodard are available in a true reinforced tree and horn, and saddle construction to withstand the rigors of true ranching, roping, cow work, packing, and then take it into the Western Dressage ring! HEre's where you can add a square double skirt, all rough out, and more wonderful custom features. The Ranch westerns weigh approximately 27 pounds.

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