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What’s new for Double Diamond in 2020? 

Within the Endurance category, we have added several new models:  the Lumiere, a completely pared down trail endurance saddle without fenders,  with an incredible suspended ground seat PLUS a padded seat jocky (the leather under your thigh) AND seat leather tubes of the leathers.  Just an amazing ride with a full contact feel from the seat to your stirrup.  The Lumiere is French for "light"...this model weighs 14 lbs. all dressed up. * see the paragraph below about the choices of seats and cantle heights!

The Buena Vista:  a long awaited historic true wide sweeping cantle plantation saddle with the largest most generous suspended ground seat.  It can be built in several versions:  the "Sport" which is in the photo with a medium length flap, western with fenders and a horn, or built as english with a full flap and leathers.  Unlike previous Buena Vista, this model is as always available on dozens of tree fits,  and has three positions for your leathers or fenders, not the old fashioned "chair seat feet out in front" position.

Western saddles:  We've added two new models The D-D Wade and the Woodard westerns.  These two are available in either a TRAIL LITE version  $1789.00 (22 lbs pared down single skirt, adjustable biothane backed fenders and suspended seat) and the same models in a true working RANCH version $2489.00 ( 27 lbs. pre twisted western all leather fenders, reinforced tree, horn and construction, seat options such as hard seats with or without inlay, double skirted round or square, rough out leather, and a ton of other custom options).  Still available is the famous Old Timer western, a historic style decorated suspended seat model that comes with lots of extras.

Seat rise options are now available on any suspended seat saddle:  the original deep trail seat, and now a flatter version.

Available on any of the Endurance models, a choice in front pommel and cantle height:  we now offer two front pommel heights:  tall pommel with a 4"  cantle  and the deep trail seat (the original endurance seat), or a flatter suspended seat that can be built on either the tall, or shorter height pommel.

To view the new models on the home page click on "Saddles".

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